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Recordings and news about classical music available on the web, to know, listen and love thanks to bloggers... and artists!
Una panoramica dei blog presenti sul web che offrono gratuitamente incisioni, notizie e articoli sulla musica classica. PROSIT!


20 new entries!!! Tnx to the followers...

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  1. Por favor, creo que el enlace principal de "ODEON" está dañado.
    Muchísimas gracias por su formidable trabajo.
    Salud, paz, sonrisas y muy cordiales Saludos.
    Elgatosierra :)

    1. verissimo! it is an RSS...
      but... I can't resolve it :(
      you just have to click on the "Odeon" link on the top...

    2. ¡Muchísimas gracias wally61! :)


    Another good blog

  3. I found some wonderful blogs on here.
    If you are interested I have also started a Classical Guitar blog.

  4. Why is landoflostcontent.blogspot (British Classical Music) on this list there aren't any links posted.

  5. new blog

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  7. Risposte
    1. do you know the rar password?

    2. Yes...what is the rar password for

    3. anyone knows the password??

    4. Yes I do but just a waste of effort as the flac files are all corrupt. It's a scam site or rather clickbait

    5. Sorry I didn't leave the password in the previous tweet. It's case sensitve. You can give it a try and see if any flac files work for you


      Anonimo1 gennaio 2018 14:18
      Yes I do but just a waste of effort as the flac files are all corrupt. It's a scam site or rather clickbait

  8. Adios Blogs:
    Blogger musical (classics, jazz)
    Radio me la sudas
    These blogs have been removed.

  9. One of the best Indian Wedding Music

  10. I'm just notifying you that a blog you have listed on your blog and one you probably downloaded music from is a scam. The blog MyMostlyModernClassics does not contain any REAL lossless music. Instead the uploader "Johnston" has been taking lossy audio files (128-192/kbps VBR MP3) and upconverting them to FLAC in a scheme to defraud downloaders and earn cash and rewards from his filehosts. Over at the Meetinginmusic blog we discussed this discovery of misrepresented audio files:

    I have posted a video on the issue

    I have posted some images comparing MyMostlyModernClassics files to legit lossless versions:

    Remove MyMostlyModernClassics from the list of blogs

  11. Hello dear Music Lover,

    Thank you for all the efforts that you have taken to share your love music with us during 2017 - it is particulary appreciated.

    It takes a lot of effort to organise a blog and I am very much aware that for all your energies very few people express their thanks for what you do. Most unrewarding.

    Do hope that you are enjoying the end of 2017 festivities and that we can look forward to more correspondence from you in 2018.

    All the very best and good health in 2018.

    Thank you and cheers,

    Douglas (UK)

  12. This is a very nice post to list classical music. Veru nice indeed.

  13. Saludos, quisiera pedirle el favor de agregar mi blog a la lista aquí publicada:

    Este blog es la continuación de Música iberoamericana de Concierto

    Sebastián Villanueva

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